When I reviewed my income for the year, I found that I have already increased my income by 30% – and that is a direct result of working with Kathy in branding and marketing my business. This has freed up a lot of energy toward a bigger vision and more creative possibilities.

Uli Nagel, Principal, Pilates in the Berkshires

Kathy Bayer marketed and publicized the opening of my art gallery. Not only does she have vast knowledge and experience in promoting a new business, but she also exhibited a rare quality of commitment and care for the success of my new venture. This showed up in many ways: staying on top of details, continually thinking of new and creative ways to reach out, and going the extra mile way beyond the call of duty. She is highly intelligent, enthusiastic, and a delight to work with.

Judy Fox, Principal, J Fox Art Studio

Kathy is an incredibly accomplished professional. She is an advanced writer with versatility, and the ability to know her voice makes her communication and branding skills most desirable in any environment. I recommend her without reservation.

Sheilisa McNeil, Marketing Consultant, Success Ladder Enterprises

It is very apparent that Kathy has perfected the fundamentals essential for helping clients communicate and brand more effectively – a clear writer, listens well, digs deep to find rich insights to distinguish a message, and always providing a fresh perspective. But what makes Kathy stand out is that she has been able to build on the innate emotions embedded in the arts, especially music, to communicate a message with relevant feelings and passion. Kathy is genuine, smart, honest, sensitive, and a joy to work with.

Jay Gronlund, Principal, The Pathfinder Group

Kathy and her team designed and created the Global Nursing Caucus website in collaboration with our leadership. Kathy worked with us to design a format that works very well to express our aims and direction. Her skills include deep listening, compassionate yet firm direction, and an ability to understand our communication needs, as well as keep to budget and timeline. We look forward to working with her again as our organization grows.

Barbara Waldorf BSN, MPH, Co-founder, Global Nursing Caucus

Over the ten years Kathy has represented and marketed my jazz group, she’s worked closely with us throughout the whole process of our musical evolution. And as we’ve changed our focus and direction, she’s kept shifting with us to convey what we’re trying to do. Every rebranding has given us a big lift and captured exactly what we want to express. And her marketing work has been integral to our success.

Rodrigo Tarraza, Musician & Musical Director

Kathy Bayer pulls out your uniqueness, expresses it, and communicates it so your potential clients get it. She makes sure your brand is really who you are.

Rahti Gorfien, Creative Entrepreneur Coach

Kathy and her team helped me brand my import business Llewellyn Clothing. She created a wonderful logo that gave my line an attractive identity, built a website, and made sure there’s brand consistency in all my marketing materials. As a result, the name Llewellyn has made its mark, standing out as a recognizable line in the merino wool-clothing world.

Mary Acton-Adams, Principal, Llewellyn Clothing

Kathy Bayer developed and organized press materials for my consulting business, creating a streamlined media presentation. Kathy has a keen eye for assessing the most important points to bring out, and making sure the marketing materials are attractive and convey the unique qualities of the individual and the business.

Randi Bussin, Career Coach, Aspire! for Success